Armadillo Roadmap - What's next?

Here's a list of the features we plan on adding to Armadillo in future updates:

  • Image-only content
  • Galleries
  • Import tool to bring in content from WordPress and Blogger
  • 2-Factor Authentication
  • Additional user roles
  • Multiple blog support Done! v2.5
  • Content "groups", so you can specify which content to display in a particular area. Think of this like "pinned" or "solo" content, which can be displayed anywhere on your RW site. Done! v2.0
  • Responsive interface for the admin dashboard Done! v2.0
  • Ability to search Done! and organize the Media Library
  • Archiving Blog posts Done!
  • Edit/Delete Categories and Tags Done!
  • Dropbox integration (for backups) Done!
  • Localizations Done!
  • Tags/Categories for Posts Done!
  • Editing the publish date for Posts Done!
  • RSS feed for the Blog page Done!
  • A preview option for Saved Drafts Done!
  • Online backups Done!

This list will change over time as features are implemented. If you'd like to request a feature, please email us.

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