Before Upgrading

Before Upgrading

There are a great deal of new features, and some significant changes to the underlying structure of how Armadillo works, compared to version 1.7.5 and earlier.

You need to be aware of what these changes are before upgrading, to make the process as smooth as possible.


New Dashboard Location

The admin dashboard is now located in a single central location for your entire website - the rw_common directory - which is the same place where all your theme and plugin files are stored. With this change Armadillo can do some amazing new things, like create content which can be displayed anywhere on your website. It also means:

  • Where you login to Armadillo is different from before, though if you used the "Login" link to access the dashboard you'll not notice a difference unless you pay attention to the URL displayed in the address bar.
  • The media folder is now in a different location. Your "old" media folder is still in the same place as before, but since things have moved now, you'll need to copy (not move) over the media files to the new location. That new location is in the rw_common/plugins/stacks/armadillo/media directory
  • In the dashboard, Armadillo needs to know the URL to your blog page in order to generate the correct links for the RSS feeds and other link-related functions.
  • You can't add Armadillo more than once to a single site. If you had Armadillo added to multiple pages in your site, each with its own database, this setup won't work in version 2.0.

By keeping these adjustments in mind, it will be much easier to upgrade from v1.7.5 (and earlier) to v2.0.

Dashboard URL

If, for some reason, the 'Login' or 'Continue' link does not appear for you after publishing your site, you can always access the dashboard directly at this URL:

Just replace with the domain of your website, and be sure to include the last forward slash / at the end.

Updated RW Snippets

If you are using the .rwsnippet files provided with Armadillo in the "Extras" folder of the download file, you will need to update these snippets as well.

You may see errors in Armadillo v2.0 if you do not update the snippets on your website to use the latest versions.

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