I don't see the login link to the admin panel. How do I find it?

Armadillo v2.0 and Above

The dashboard can be directly accessed at this URL at any time:


Just replace your-domain.com with the domain of your website, and be sure to include the last forward slash / at the end.

Armadillo v1.7.5 and Earlier

You can always access the login page by visiting the "files/armadillo" sub-folder of whatever page you've added Armadillo to.

For example, if your Armadillo page is here:


The login page would be here:


If you structure your site a certain way in RapidWeaver, and rename certain files/folders, RapidWeaver may rename the "files" folder to something else, like:


The pagename portion will be the page name as specified in the Page Inspector.

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