What's new in v2.0?

A whole lot! Here's a quick list:

  1. Solo Content - a new type of content you can create in Armadillo, which can be displayed anywhere on your RapidWeaver website.
  2. Inline editing for Solo Content - when logged into the admin dashboard, you can directly edit any Solo Content area right on the live website, on the same page where that content appears.
  3. Completely redesigned and fully responsive interface.
  4. Markdown support - a dedicated, split-view Markdown editor is available if you preview using it over the standard rich text editor.
  5. Meta tag templates - easily insert meta tags into your content with a click of a button.
  6. Internal Links - search for and easily reference other posts and pages you've created in Armadillo. No need to have a separate browser window open to link to the one you want!
  7. New Swedish Localization

There's much, much more as well - sortable and searchable content lists, enabled content modes, content author editing, automatic lightbox display for linked images, improved support for a theme's responsive styling of images, etc.

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