What's new in v2.6?

This version brought some significant changes.

  • The main Armadillo stack will now only display Pages, but not any other type of Armadillo content (including Blogs, Solo Content and Posts).
  • There is a new dedicated Armadillo menu stack.
  • There is a new Armadillo Page stack.

Things to keep in mind when updating, which are different from how Armadillo worked previously:

  • The Armadillo Menu now only has links to Pages. Previously, Blogs created in Armadillo would also be listed in the Armadillo Menu, but this is no longer the case in v2.6, since Blogs are displayed using a dedicated stack in RapidWeaver. Being part of a page in RapidWeaver means there will already be a navigation item to access Blogs, and there is no need to include one for Blogs in the Armadillo Menu.

  • The "Default Content" option in Armadillo's Settings tab of the dashboard will now only allow you to select Pages, and this "Default Content" option only applies to content displayed by the main Armadillo stack.

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