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2020-07-04 04:56

Please note: Only admin users can access the Settings tabs described below. If you do not see the Settings tab when logging in that means you do not have admin-level access.

With Armadillo you can create a wide selection of content. This content is split into three different types, Blogs, Posts and Pages. Posts are only shown on a Blog page (if you have chosen to use the Blog), and do not appear in the navigation menu.

Pages, on the other hand, do appear in your navigation menu, and are similar to other pages in your RapidWeaver website.

When a visitor to your website first navigates to the Armadillo portion of your site, Armadillo needs to know what Page you want displayed by default. This is called the Default Content, and it can be changed through Armadillo's online interface. Here is how to do so:

  1. After you've logged into Armadillo's online interface and navigated to the Settings tab, click on the section labeled Default Content.
  2. Using the drop-down menu in that section, select the Page you want displayed to visitors by default (note, only Pages can be selected, not Posts or Blogs, as dedicated stacks are used for display those types of content).
  3. Click the green Save Settings button, to apply and save your changes. Please note: Only published Pages you have created in Armadillo will be listed in the drop down menu in this section.
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