How do I create and edit pages?

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2020-07-04 05:14

After you've logged into Armadillo navigate to the Pages tab. This is where you can create, edit, and delete pages. Pages created here are displayed in the navigation menu that visitors to your site will see.


  • To create a new Page, click on the green "Add New Page" button in the upper right corner of this section.
  • To edit a Page, click on the blue "Edit" button in the Actions column, or click on the Page title itself.
  • To delete a Page, click on the red "Delete" button in the Actions column. You'll be shown a confirmation page with a preview of the selected Page, where you can either confirm the deletion, or cancel and return to the Pages tab.
  • Please note, the Blog page is a special page, and cannot be deleted. If you would like to prevent it from being displayed on your website, change its status to Draft.

Creating & Editing Pages

Once you've clicked on the "Add New Page" button, or the "Edit" button next to an existing page, you'll be shown a screen similar to that below. If you're editing a page, the title and content areas will display the relevant content for that page.

9231  * The text field along the top is the Page title. * The large content area below that, with one row of editing tools, is the Page content. Both the title and content areas will accept non-English languages.

Meta Content

Pages in Armadillo can have their own meta content, such as descriptions, keywords and Facebook OpenGraph tags.

To display the Meta Content editor, click on the "Meta Content" button displayed at the top of the page.


The "Plus" button at the top left, just above the meta content editor, can be used to insert commonly used meta tags. Click on the "Plus" and select the meta tag you wish to use, then change the necessary portions in the meta content editor.


Sidebar Editing

Pages can also contain "Sidebar" content, which will be displayed in the sidebar area of your website (if available). To edit the Sidebar, click on the Edit Sidebar button which is displayed at the top of the page, between the "Meta Content" and "Internal Links" button.


Once clicked the Edit Sidebar button will become active and the text of the button will change to "Edit Main Content", which you can use to switch back to edit the main content area.

Internal Links

When creating your content you may want to link to other pages and posts you've made in Armadillo. To easily find the link to those pieces of content click on the "Internal Links" button at the top of the page.


This will reveal the search field which you can type in text to find the content you are looking for. Once you've selected the desired content, its URL will be displayed in the text field below the search field, which you can then highlight and copy for use in the content editor.


Publishing Options

  • To publish a Page, so that it is immediately visible on your website, click the green Publish button.
  • To save a draft, which will not be visible on your website, click the blue Save Draft button.
  • If you do not want to create a Page, or do not want to save the changes you have made to a pre-existing Page, click the red Cancel button.
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