What are all the various Armadillo stacks for?

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2020-07-03 05:47

What are all the various Armadillo stacks for?


Great question! Here's a quick summary of the purpose behind each stack:

  • Armadillo: this is the main stack, and you must have one added to your project file in RapidWeaver. Enter the database details in stack settings, as the database is where your content will be stored.

  • Armadillo Blog: add this stack to a page in RapidWeaver to display a blog created in Armadillo.

  • Armadillo Blog Headlines: if you want to retrieve the latest posts from a blog, and display them somewhere else on your site (like on the homepage), use this stack.

  • Armadillo Blog Navigation: this will display all the category, tag, archive and RSS links for your blog, which are typically displayed in a sidebar for many sites.

  • Armadillo Login Link: add this to a page to display a login link to the Armadillo dashboard. If you've selected to hide the login link in the Settings tab of the online dashboard, the login link will be hidden, even if you have this stack added to a page.

  • Armadillo Menu: if you create Pages in Armadillo, then Armadillo can display a menu for you on your site to access those pages. Add this stack to a page in RW to display that menu.

  • Armadillo Page: use this if you want to display a Page created in Armadillo. In most case you probably won't need to use this stack much, it's mostly included for backwards compatibility with earlier versions of Armadillo.

  • Armadillo Sidebar: when you create a Page or Blog in Armadillo, you have the option to create sidebar content for that page or blog as well. Add this stack to your RapidWeaver project if you want to display sidebar content created in Armadillo.

  • Armadillo Solo Content: this is a multi-purpose CMS stack that can be added to a page in RapidWeaver many times. Each pieces of "Solo Content" in independent from the others, and can be edited directly on the live page of the site, if you are logged into the Armadillo dashboard.

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