How do I install and update Armadillo?

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Note: For our German users, please see this PDF - ArmadilloInstallation-German.pdf (courtesy of Alexander Schmidt, @Schmidta69 on Twitter)

Before installing Armadillo onto your computer, you must first download it from the NimbleHost website.

After completing a purchase on the NimbleHost website, we will provide two ways for you to download your items:

  • Immediately after the sale is completed, you will be redirected to a special page with a download link for each item you purchased. You can use those download links to download each item to your computer.
  • After the purchase is completed, we will send you an email to the address you specified during payment. That email contains download links where you can download each item to your computer.


  1. Locate the file you downloaded to your computer. It will most likely be in your Downloads file, and will be called "Armadillo.dmg" or similar.
  2. Double-click on that file, and a new Finder window should appear displaying the contents of your download. If a new Finder window does not appear (if you're using Mac OS X Lion it may not automatically display), click on the Finder icon located in the Dock. The Finder window, once you've located it, should look similar to the image shown to the right here.
  3. In that new Finder window you will see a file called "Armadillo.stack", shown as a yellow stack icon. If the icon is a folder, rather than a yellow stack icon, see this article on the Yourhead Software support site for Stacks.
  4. Double-click on that file, and it will automatically be installed for you.
  5. Restart RapidWeaver.

After following these steps, the next time you start RapidWeaver Armadillo will be located in the Stacks library, which is accessible from any Stacks page.


In Stacks 2, update notifications are displayed with a small red symbol in the lower right corner of the Armadillo icon in the Stacks Library. Once that red symbol has appeared, select Armadillo, then apply the update by clicking on the small gear icon in the lower right corner of the Stacks Library, and selecting "Install Update".

In Stacks 3, click on the "Updates" button at the bottom of the Library window, then click on the "Check now" button in the window that appears.  

IMPORTANT - Recommended Steps After Updating

  1. After you have installed the update in RapidWeaver, use the "Re-Publish All Files" option from RapidWeaver's File menu, to ensure that all the new and required files are uploaded to your website.
  2. Depending on the nature of the update, you may also need to login to Armadillo's online interface, and apply the update there as well. If this additional step is necessary, a prominent notification and "Install Update" button will be displayed at the top of the page after you have logged into the admin dashboard area.
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