Does Armadillo work with any RW theme?

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2020-07-04 04:59

Yes, it should. Armadillo doesn't use any special markup or styling of its own, specifically so that it can take advantage of the styling of the theme you are using.

That being said, you can use the Custom Styles section of the Settings tab (in the online interface) to use css code to override the styles of your theme, if necessary.

Please Note: If you use the Forward theme from Nick Cates you may need to do the following in order for Armadillo to function correctly:

  1. Add a HTML stack above Armadillo
  2. Enter this snippet in the HTML stack: %plugin_header%
  3. Re-publish your files

This may be necessary because the Forward theme places several header-specific macros at the bottom of the page, which, while not "wrong", is very unusual among RapidWeaver themes. As such, there may be other third party stacks and plugins which do not work in the Forward theme.

In brief testing the method described above allowed Armadillo to work correctly in the Forward theme. This approach may also allow other stacks and plugins, which currently do not work in Forward, to function as expected.

Keep in mind, by taking this approach, there will be duplicate content (link and script tags) on the page, and it may affect page loading speed for the Forward theme.

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