How do I add my Armadillo menu to other RapidWeaver pages?

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2020-07-04 05:00

As you may already know, Armadillo has the ability to add pages you create online (though the Armadillo web interface) to the main site navigation. However, for this to work on other pages you've created in RapidWeaver, such as Styled Text, Contact Form, etc., you will need to follow these directions:

  1. Download the Armadillo Extras from the NimbleHost website.
  2. Locate the "ImportArmadilloMenu.rwsnippet" file in the Armadillo Extras folder you downloaded in Step 1.
  3. Install the RWsnippet by double-clicking on it.
  4. Restart RapidWeaver, then open the project you are using with Armadillo.
  5. For each non-Armadillo page, open the Page Inspector, and navigate to the Header --> Header --> Custom Header field.
  6. Open the RWsnippets browser (select "Show Snippets" from the RapidWeaver View menu).
  7. Drag and drop the "Import Armadillo Menu" snippet into the Custom Header field of the Page Inspector.
  8. Type in the URL (web address) of the Armadillo page on your website, into the two locations specified in the snippet.
  9. Repeat this process for each non-Armadillo page of your website.

Please Note: For Step 8 above, the URL of your Armadillo page should be in a format like this:

Do not include the "http://" portion, as that is already included in the snippet for you. Likewise, do not include the filename and extension of the page itself, such as "index.php".

Finally, do not add this snippet to your actual Armadillo page, as it will result in duplicate items being added to your site's main navigation.

See the video below for a tutorial on how to use the code snippet with your RapidWeaver website. You can also download a high-quality version of the video directly (116MB).

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