How do I use Solo Content?

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2020-07-04 05:25

Solo Content is a new type of content in v2.0 with its own dedicated stack that can be displayed anywhere on your RapidWeaver site.

You can add as many Solo Content stacks to a page as you want, anywhere on your RapidWeaver site, and editing these areas on your website is super easy! The only "requirement" is that you must have the main Armadillo stack added to your site somewhere (it doesn't matter on which page).

Using Solo Content

  1. Open the Stacks Library.
  2. Locate the Armadillo Solo Content stack.
  3. Drag one onto your Stacks page.
  4. Make sure you have the main Armadillo stack added somewhere on your site (it doesn't need to be on the same page as the Solo Content stack).

In order for Armadillo to know which piece of content you want to display, you'll need to enter the content ID in stack settings. The ID is easy to find in the Armadillo Dashboard.


Once you've entered the content ID, publish your site to see the changes in action.

Editing Solo Content

There are two ways to edit Solo Content. Once you've logged into the Armadillo dashboard, you can either:

  • Edit it from within the dashboard, OR
  • Visit the live page on your website and edit it there!

When you're logged in, Armadillo will display a light gray edit icon in the top right corner of the Solo Content area.


If you have multiple Solo Content areas on a page, you'll be able to edit each one, individually.


This edit icon will only be visible to you; website visitors will not see this icon and cannot edit the Solo Content areas.

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