I can't access the dashboard for Armadillo v2.0, the page is blank. What's wrong?

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2020-07-04 04:52

This can happen for a couple of reasons:

  1. The "File Links Are:" option in RapidWeaver's Advanced Settings tab is set to "relative to website address". If this is the case, you will need to change this to "relative to page".

    The "relative to website address" option creates a complete URL (including the http:// portion) for certain file paths to Armadillo's PHP files, and complete URLs are usually not allowed in such file paths for security reasons.

    Once you've made this change be sure to use the "Re-Publish All Files" option from RapidWeaver's File menu.

  2. If your web hosting company uses a certain PHP configuration (CGI or FastCGI) you may need to add a php.ini file to the root directory of your website.

    In that php.ini file, add this line:

    cgi.fix_pathinfo = 1

    If you already have a php.ini file, simply add the above snippet to a new line, by itself, in that same file.

    Some hosting companies, like GoDaddy, may require that the php.ini file be named php5.ini. Other companies, like Aruba.it, provide this as an option in the hosting control panel, instead of via a php.ini file.

    Once you've made this change, save the php.ini file (or the relevant setting in your hosting control panel), then try visiting the Armadillo Dashboard in your web browser. You may need to refresh the page, and possibly wait a few minutes (depending on your hosting configuration) for the change to take effect.

If neither of these solutions fix the problem, please contact us for assistance.

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