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2020-07-04 04:55

Please note: Only admin users can access the Settings tabs described below. If you do not see the Settings tab when logging in that means you do not have admin-level access.

The Admin/Login link is shown by default on your website, so that you have easy access to the "backend" where you can create and edit content. Armadillo gives you the ability to control the text and color of the Admin/Login link, as well as whether it should be displayed on the page.

After you've logged into Armadillo and navigated to the Settings tab, click on the plus sign ( + ) next to the section labeled Admin/Login Link. By default a link to the admin interface is displayed on your Armadillo page. Use the options here to control its appearance.

Display Options

  • Show Admin/Login Link- This will show the link on your Armadillo page.
  • Hide Admin/Login link - This will hide the link on your Armadillo page.
  • Link Text - Use this text field to customize the text displayed as your admin link. Non-English languages can be used.
  • Color Options - If you hide the admin link these color options will have no affect.

After making your changes, be sure to click the large, green Save Settings button near the top of the page.

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