How do I create and edit posts?

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2021-01-18 15:02

After you've logged into Armadillo navigate to the Posts tab. This is where you can create, edit, and delete posts. Posts created here are displayed on your Blog page.


  • To create a new Post, click on the green "Add New Post" button in the upper right corner of this section.
  • To edit a Post, click on the blue "Edit" button in the Actions column, or click on the Post title itself.
  • To delete a Post, click on the red "Delete" button in the Actions column. You'll be shown a confirmation page with a preview of the selected Post, where you can either confirm the deletion, or cancel and return to the Posts tab.

Creating & Editing Posts

Once you've clicked on the "Add New Post" button, or the "Edit" button for an existing post, you'll be shown a screen similar to that below. If you're editing a post, the title and content areas will display the relevant content for that post.


  • The text field along the top is the Post title.
  • The large content area below that, with one row of editing tools, is the Post content. Both the title and content areas will accept non-English languages.
  • Below the content area are the comment display options. This controls whether comments for this specific Post will be shown. Please note, to display comments for Blog posts you must also turn comments on in Armadillo's Settings tab. The option shown here allows you finer control over specific posts. NOTE: Be sure you do not have an Armadillo Page stack on the same RW page where the Armadillo Blog stack is located, as this can prevent the Disqus comments from being correctly associated with the post.
  • The "Display Summary" checkbox controls if a summary of the Post will be shown instead of the full Post. If checking this box, be sure to also specify content in the "Post Summary" content editor (click the "Post Summary" button located between the "Meta Content" and "Internal Links" buttons near the top of the page).
  • Categories and Tags: You can enter new terms here, separated by commas. If you have already specified categories or tags in other posts, those terms will appear in a drop down menu when you click on either of categories or tags fields.  

Publishing Options

  • To publish a Post, so that it is immediately visible on your website, click the green "Publish" button.
  • To save a draft, which will not be visible on your website, click the blue "Save Draft" button.
  • If you do not want to create a Post, or do not want to save the changes you have made to a pre-existing Post, click the red "Cancel" button.
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