Uploading Media Files

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2020-07-04 05:30

After you've logged into Armadillo navigate to the Media tab. This is where you can upload, preview, and delete various media files.


To upload new media files, click on the green "Upload New Media" button in the upper right corner of this section.

To preview a particular media file, click on the purple "Preview" button in the Actions column.

To delete a media file, click on the red "Delete" button in the Actions column. You'll be shown a confirmation page with the ability to preview the selected file, and can either confirm the deletion, or cancel and return to the Media tab.

Uploading Files via the Media Tab

Once you've clicked on the "Upload New Media" button, you'll be shown a screen similar to that below.

  • To upload media files, click the Add Files button and choose the select the files from your computer. If your browser is HTML5 compatible, you may also drag and drop the files into the area labeled "Drag files here."
  • When you have selected all the media files you want uploaded click the green Confirm Uploaded Files button
  • If you do not want to upload selected media files, and have not yet clicked the Start upload button, you may click the red Cancel button, and no files will be uploaded. If you have already clicked the Start upload button, clicking the red Cancel button will not cancel the upload.

Additionally, you can upload files directly when editing or creating your content.

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