Can I change the URLs that Armadillo creates for posts and pages?

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2020-07-04 05:00

The short answer to this question, is no. Armadillo creates dynamic URLs for your posts and pages. One portion of the URL is unchangeable (the post/post ID), but the second portion is based upon the title you enter for each post/page. In short, you do have control over this portion of the URL.

According to Google, sites that create dynamic URLs (like Armadillo) should not change them to a different format — see this post on the official Google Webmaster blog for more info:

Because Google has specifically mentioned this, we’ve decided not to add the ability to customize URLs to a different format than what they currently are. If you are concerned about SEO and have been told by "experts" that having "SEO friendly URLs" is important, please understand that this is a myth. Pretty URLs can help users understand about the contents of the page they are visiting, but are irrelevant for SEO.

As mentioned in the Google article linked to above, dynamically generated URLs (like Armadillo's) should not be changed to a different format, as it can prevent Google from correctly crawling your website.

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